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22 May 1997 Edition

Sham fights and real battles

22 May 1997

MICHEAL MacDONNCHA profiles the Sinn Féin candidates and constituencies in Dublin, Meath and Louth Free article

US resistance to Cuban blockade

22 May 1997

Last year, a UN report estimated that 4000 children were dying every month in Iraq, as a direct result of US-driven sanctions on that country. The sanctions are in place supposedly to achieve what the Gulf War failed to achieve, namely unseat Saddam Hussein. Free article

Comóradh an Chéid - leabhar cuimhneacháin

22 May 1997

Lainseáil Conradh an Gaeilge tráthnóna Dé Sathairn 17 Bealtaine Ostán an Royal Dublin leabhar cuimhneacháin ar Oireachtas na Gaeilge, príomhfhéile na Gaeilge, a bhunaigh an Conradh 100 bliain ó shin. Ba í Seomra Cruinn an Rotunda (pictiúrlann an Ambassador atá ann anois) a reachtáladh an chéad Oireachtas ar 17 Belataine 1897. Féile aon lae a bhí ann an chéad bhliain. Féile deich lá atá ann anois agus is i mBéal Feirste a thionólfar Oireachtas 1997 - ó 24 Deireadh Fómhair go 2 Samhain. Free article

Workers in struggle: Taxing questions

22 May 1997

How far can £1.5 billion go these days? Well for the Leinster House political parties there seems to be a belief that it can buy five more years in political office. Free article

Sportsview: Fighting reported in Ulster

22 May 1997

Down and Tyrone meet again on Sunday after a scrappy but exciting draw. Free article

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Remembering the Past: Internment 1922

22 May 1997

In a further attempt to consolidate their position and to subdue the nationalist minority, the new Six County regime introduced internment without trial in May 1922. Free article

Back issue: Word war ends with war

22 May 1997

The scene now appears set (and last Wednesday's attacks would seem to bear this out) that over the next few days British pig-headedness and imperialist fever will set off a conflagration in the South Atlantic over the Argentinian capture six weeks ago of the Falklands/Malvinas islands and their assertion of sovereignty. Free article

New in print

22 May 1997

Crying Out for Justice - a collection of talks and writings , Archaeological Excavations at Patrick, Nichols and Winetavern Streets, Dublin, Hot Chicken Wings and A Keeper of Sheep Free article

Television: Tame, lame Pat

22 May 1997

On paper, RTE's premiere chat show, Kenny Live (Saturdays, 9.20pm) looks fine. Last week it had interviews with Garth Brooks, Mick McCarthy and an actress who has written a play about bigotry in the North, with live music from Trisha Yearwood and a newcomer. Free article

Editor's desk

22 May 1997

A very strange SDLP election leaflet was delivered to houses in Newry last weekend. It was replying to a Sinn Féin leaflet which for the last three weeks has been distributed by Sinn Féin canvassers. As reported in An Phoblacht last week, it presented evidence of SDLP Councillors' many trips abroad at Council expense.

The first strange thing about the SDLP reply is that it was... Free article

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