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16 January 1997 Edition

The old boys (and girls) of the brigade

16 January 1997

I saw the Irish Brigade for the first time on 30 December last. Well, I heard them rather than saw them and from what I was told they were a slimmed-down version of what they once were, three members rather than five. Free article

Tiger-hunting in Leinster House

16 January 1997

The tiger is one the world's endangered species but there is a population explosion of metaphorical tigers in Ireland at the moment. We are reminded daily of how the economy of the 26 Counties is the tiger of Western Europe. The message from Finance Minister Ruairi Quinn, who presents his budget next week, echoes that of Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan: ``You've never had it so good.'' Free article

Dúirt siad...

16 January 1997

The week in quotes... Free article


16 January 1997

Roy Mason's outburst at the Culloden hotel is in keeping with his overall attitude towards the war in Ireland. An arrogant little man whose frustration at never having served one day in the British Army while being in a position to dictate army policy has led to military paranoia. Free article

Workers in struggle: Noonan's double standards

16 January 1997

Fine Gael Health Minister Michael Noonan is fast becoming the most controversial member of the coalition. His dealings with the controversies over the actions of the Blood Transfusions and Supply Board, the VHI/BUPA debacle, the Hepatitis C and HIV controversies have monopolised headlines over the past year. Free article

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Laochra ar muir is ar tír

16 January 1997

Bhuel, quel surprise, mar a deirfeadh mo chairde Francacha agus iad ag léamh nuacht na seachtaine seo chuaigh thart faoin Spiorad Sasannach. Theip ar na Brits faoi dó in aon seachtain amháin in iarrachtaí dul timpeall an domhain. Richard Branson san aer (ar feadh tamaillín) agus Tony Bullimore ar bharr na dtonnta. Sin an spiorad a bhuaigh agus a chóilínigh ar fud an domhain don Impire, tráth. Britannia Rules the Waves, mar dhea. Free article

Sportsview: Cat and mouse

16 January 1997

Mary Harney, Ireland's answer to Evita, is on her soapbox revealing how the Progressive Democrats are going to ``help those who are willing to help themselves'' - I think that means no more money for ``all those scruffy unemployed people and beggars'', the rounding up of all republicans and the introduction of rugby as a compulsory subject in all schools as a desperate effort to boost the fortunes of the Irish team. Free article

Remembering the Past : Black `47

16 January 1997

The year 1847, which was to become known as ``Black 47'', was one of the worst years of the Famine of 1845-'49, with `famine fever' ravaging the already starving population. Free article

Watching the sunset

16 January 1997

An Irish Empire? Aspects of Ireland and the British Empire. Edited by Keith Jeffrey. Published by Manchester University Press. Free article

There was one from near the border

16 January 1997

``It was on a dreary New Year's Eve, as shades of night came down...'' So begins one of the most famous and best loved Irish rebel songs of all time, Seán Sabhat, remembering the famous Brookeborough raid of 31 December 1957, one of the first operations of the IRA's Operation Harvest, in which Sabhat and Feargal O'Hanlon were fatally wounded. Free article

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