3 February 2000 Edition

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Evictions threat in Fermanagh

Following a forced eviction in North Belfast and the threat of more in Derry, Fermanagh Housing Executive has now warned that it is likely to use court action and forced evictions more frequently against tenants who find themselves in debt.

According to Michael Callaghan, District Manager with the Fermanagh Housing Executive, a number of cases are already going ahead.

``Legal proceedings have been instigated, and 25 cases lodged with the Magistrates court which can lead to referral to the Enforcement's of Judgements Office, and ultimately repossession of property,'' he warned. ``This action can incur substantial legal costs, of which the tenant is liable. Clearly this is not the type of action we want to take, but given the present debt level, greater use of this action will be taken over the course of the coming months.''

``The idea that shelter is one of the basic human rights apparently does not rest well with the Housing Executive in Fermanagh,'' responded Sinn Féin Councillor Ruth Lynch.

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