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6 January 2000 Edition

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Back issue: Adams arrested

Gerry Adams, vice president of Sinn Féin, was arrested out of a house in Belfast's Andersonstown Estate on Wednesday afternoon.

As we go to press, he is being held at the notorious Castlereagh Barracks under the section of emergency legislation that allows the RUC to hold him for three days.

During the afternoon a large force of Brits and RUC surrounded a house in Cavanmore Gardens. Before they entered it by breaking through a window, Adams phoned the Falls Road Republican Press Centre and informed them of the situation.

They in turn informed the press and television, who were on the scene for Adams' arrest. During the raid on the house, several phone calls were made to it by pressmen trying to speak with Adams, but the RUC stated that Adams was not allowed to speak to them.

In 1978, Gerry Adams had a charge of IRA membership against him thrown out of court when the RUC failed to supply any evidence. On that occasion, he spent nine months in jail on remand before being released.

An Phoblacht, Saturday 5 January 1980


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