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10 September 1998 Edition

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Woman receives bullet in post

A young New Lodge Road woman who received a bullet in the post has told An Phoblacht she wants to move out of her home as she is frightened for her children's safety.

The young woman, 22 year old Geraldine Grogan, said she didn't know why she was targeted but is convinced it was loyalists who sent the threat.

According to the woman, a card arrived in the post on Wednesday 9 September and when she opened it the bullet was taped inside.

``The verse was blanked out and all was left was the message printed at the bottom of the card, `sorry to hear about your loss','' she said.

Ms Grogan, who said she was a witness to the 1993 loyalist killing of Sean Lavery, the 21 year old son of Sinn Fein councillor Bobby Lavery, stressed that at the time she gave a statement to the RUC and that her address was published in the media.

``I only moved into this flat 18 months ago and in the last year the flats were re-named. The card was addressed with the new name of the flats. There is no chance of me living here now.'' Geraldine said she has nothing to do with politics and is not a member of any party, ``I am not bringing my kids (aged 3 and a half and 2 years) back here''.

Up until last week Geraldine had been receiving phone calls to her house and when she answered the phone there was complete silence.

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