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4 June 1998 Edition

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Work for high SF vote

Recent comment and news coverage on the Good Friday Document has been entirely one-sided. The emphasis on RUC fears of change; on unionist fears about prisoner releases; and strident calls for decommissioning has played to a unionist agenda. Nothing has been heard of nationalist concerns. But in the current election campaign there is a chance for nationalists to let their voices be heard.

The SDLP have refused to confront this unionist intransigence. Their comments - and even their behaviour when the referendum result was announced - indicate that they believe the work is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. A future of equality is going to have to be fought for with every effort and those who want to prevent progress are going to have to be faced down.

That work must begin now in the election campaign. Only a strong vote for Sinn Féin will ensure that nationalist rights are pursued.

Already the Sinn Fein election machine is up and running. There is a realisation that this is an absolutely vital election in which there must be a massive Sinn Fein vote. The Assembly will become the cockpit of the struggle. Help put as many republicans in there as you can.

RUC must be disbanded

The behaviour of the RUC on the ground in the Six Counties provides enough evidence to warrant their immediate disbandment. This week An Phoblacht presents a litany of harassment, brutality and informer recruitment, carried out by a force which is clearly unacceptable in nationalist communities.

Their claim that they have ``held the line against anarchy for 30 years'' is laughable. They instigated the present phase of conflict and they have helped perpetuate it in the years since.

Their behaviour on the Garvaghy Road last Saturday only emphasises their malign influence. It must be asked why the RUC said the `junior' Orange Order march was non-contentious, then moved in in force, complete with fully-clad riot squads to police it? The only explanation is that the RUC were keen to foment trouble. The RUC is not equipped to deal with a peace process. They are now the greatest obstacle in the way of a peaceful future. They must be disbanded.

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