15 April 2010 Edition

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Mitchel McLaughlin spoke at Easter commemorations in Achill and Westport, County Mayo. During the course of his oration he said:
“We have an Irish Government that has increased inequality and social and economic divisions. It has robbed us of our natural resources such as the Corrib Gas which were signed away so that Norwegian citizens derive the benefits from our resources while we are put in hock to bail out banks and land speculators.
“No government was ever given a mandate to sell off our natural resources let alone give them away. Meanwhile patriots such as Pat O’Donnell languish in Castlerea Prison for daring to oppose national asset-stripping by successive corrupt governments. There are real alternatives to those measures taken by this Government and Sinn Féin has put forward many such alternatives.
“The transfer of policing and justice is perhaps the most potent symbol of just how Sinn Féin has driven the agenda for change since assuming the lead role in the North. We succeeded in taking these powers out of Britain and back onto the island of Ireland against obstinate opposition from influential people not just within northern unionism but also in the British political establishment. That was a massive achievement and evidence that the Sinn Féin strategy is working. While the SDLP and dissidents were claiming it couldn’t be done, Sinn Féin got on with the job. We will continue to strip away political and administrative powers from Britain and return them to the people until we achieve our ultimate goal of Irish independence and sovereignty.”


South Tipperary

On Easter Sunday the annual Commemoration ceremony for General George Plant was held at his burial place in St Johnstown Cemetery. The oration was delivered by Michael Moroney. During the course of his speech he said:
“Wolfe Tone, the father of Irish Republicanism said his aim was “to unite Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter under the common name of Irishmen. He also said ‘If the men of property will not support us, they must fall.’ Those words were hardly ever more relevant than they are this week. Real Republicanism needs to be finally brought to bear on all the policies of this country, Ireland, the country for which Wolfe Tone, Emmett, Pearse, Connolly, Bobby Sands and George Plant fought and died.
“The building of a real Irish Republic with fairness, justice and equality at its core is still possible. It will not be easily or quickly attained and it will not be achieved through dividing our people. It needs to be achieved through putting the interests of the people at the heart of all our policies and procedures.
“We are honoured to commemorate George Plant but the only true and best commemoration should be the creation of a modern Irish Republic with fairness, justice and equality for all.” 













Bairbre de Brún speaking at Liam Mellows Statue in Eyre Square 















Mairéad Farrell speaking at Joe Howley Statue in Oranmore 










Séanna Breathnach ag labhairt ag comóradh Thomas Whelan sa Chlochán 














Séanna Breathnach speaking at Tooreena Cemetery in Tullycross 












The Volunteer Martin Doherty RFB, Scotland in Armagh City on Easter Monday 











Westmeath republicans parade to the grave of Paddy Dermody in Fore on Easter Monday where the main oration was given by Athlone Town Councillor Paul Hogan 














Ógra Shinn Féin contingent at the County Wicklow Easter commemoration in Arklow










Arklow parade with (left to right) main speaker Mícheál Mac Donncha, Wicklow County Cllr. John Brady, West Wicklow representative Gerry O’Neill  and Wicklow County Cllr. John Snell 

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