15 June 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

Amongst other things, his lifestyle incorporated fine arts, a mansion home, his own island, a farm, two holiday homes, a yacht, racehorses, helicopter commuting and a female companion. Edel Kennedy Irish Independent 14 June, on the death of Charlie Haughey.

A whole rake of politicians forgot about the money that was shovelled their way. Michael Clifford on the amnesia afflicting politicians at the Mahon tribunal. Sunday Tribune 11 June.

The harsh reality for FF/PDs is that they have little or nothing to show for the last four years. We can all point to the disasters: the health service; electronic voting; decentralisation; the aforementioned statutory rape fiasco and the second Dublin Airport terminal fiasco. Shane Coleman Sunday Tribune 11 June.

If the government is unpopular, you don't blame yourself, you blame the coalition partner. McDowell has been a pain in the arse for a long time, but what are the Fianna Fáil ministers at cabinet doing about it. An unnamed Fianna Fáil TD. Sunday Business Post 11 June.

Unless we have a significantly profound change in due process in interrogation or in the very existence of Guantánamo, we can expect to see more suicides. Leonard Rubenstein, director of Physicians for Human Rights. The Irish Times, 13 June.

The consequences of turning a blind eye to policies which are reprehensible to any society which respects the rule of law were evinced on Sunday when the US military commander at Guantánamo Bay branded the suicide of three detainees as 'a good PR move". Editorial Daily Ireland 13 June

They're a football team without a brain..I'm not saying they're brainless as such, but there is no brain." Eamon Dunphy on England's prospects in the World Cup. The Irish Times 12 June.

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