16 September 2004 Edition

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Wax dummies

A chairde,

While I appreciate the concerns of the workers in the Wax Museum and the need to preserve an historic building as highlighted in An Phoblacht last week, I draw the line at calling a collection of badly made wax 'likenesses' of assorted celebrities, politicians and historical figures part of our heritage.

The Wax Museum was brought to us by the 'impresario' and property speculator FF TD Donie Cassidy who also inflicted Foster and Allen upon us and who is the main promoter of that awful brand of 'music' known as 'Country and Irish'.

By all means object to his latest plans to demolish the building which houses the Wax Museum but please provide our children with something better than wax dummies. After all, in Kildare Street we already have a House full of lifeless, outdated figures who lurk in semi-darkness.

Art lover,

Connolly Column in Spain

A chairde,

I would like to invite readers of An Phoblacht to a meeting in Connolly Books/New Theatre on Saturday 18 September at 2pm. The topic of the meeting will be The Spanish Anti-Fascist War 1936-39 and the Irish involvement. The speaker will be Michael O'Riordan, one of the last surviving members of the Connolly Column and author of the history of the Irish anti-fascist's who fought in defence of the Spanish Republic.

This will be a unique opportunity for a new generation of activists to hear first hand the ideals that motivated Irishmen to volunteer to defend Spanish democracy and lay down their lives in the cause of freedom an social justice.

Eugene McCartan
Connolly Books, Dublin.

Tony Blair's Irish war zone

A chairde,

The single biggest mass concentration of British troops anywhere in the world.

Daily military patrols, on foot and by helicopter.

Watchtowers and a state of constant electronic and technical warfare.

If ayone thinks I'm writing about a warzone - yep, correct and right.

If anyone thinks I'm referring to Iraq - nope.

I'm referring to the current situation in the North of Ireland. With the September negotiations almost upon us it's about time Tony Blair ended his belligerence and began the business of British decommissioning. Then we can all get on with the job that is the peace process.

Alan Ó Fionnagáin
Dún Dealgain, Co. Lú.

An Phoblacht
44 Parnell Sq.
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