19 July 2001 Edition

RUC brutality in Ballycastle

19 July 2001

RUC members and loyalist bandsmen injured ten nationalists involved in a protest against an Orange march through Ballycastle, County Antrim last Thursday 12 July. Free article

Britain hampers Dublin/Monaghan Bombings probe

19 July 2001

A delegation of surviving victims and relatives of some of the 33 people killed in the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings were at 10 Downing Street in London on Wednesday to protest Britain's hampering of the inquiry into the atrocity. Free article

Abuse of immigrant workers

19 July 2001

On Friday, 6 July, bus workers picketed the Department of Justice in protest at the recent deportation of one of their fellow workers, an asylum seeker from Romania, whose leave to stay in this country had been terminated by Justice Minister John O'Donoghue. Andre Burlacu had been working for two years for Dublin Bus while seeking asylum here. Free article

BNFL cover up

19 July 2001

British Nuclear Fuels are in the dock yet again over not just misinformation about an accident at one of their facilities, but a delay in disclosing that an accident had even taken place. Free article

Communications crisis looms

19 July 2001

While Eircom shareholders ponder the battle of bids for their holdings by the eIsland and Valentia consortiums, there is still a steadfast refusal within government to tackle some of the more important issues facing the telecommunications industry in Ireland. Free article

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ESB prepares for privatisation

19 July 2001

Last week, ESB workers voted to accept a deal which offers pay increases amounting to up to 21% in exchange for accepting restructuring proposals, including 2,000 redundancies. They had little choice. According to one ESB worker, employees were told the redundancies would happen anyway, but if they wanted the `rewards' they would need to vote through the package. They did. Free article

Worries about border gas exploration

19 July 2001

Rumours and fear are rife in West Cavan and Fermanagh. Evergreen Resources, an American multinational, based in Colorado, USA, which has the license to prospect for hydrocarbons across a huge area of 1 million acres of land in the central region of Ireland, has just begun exploratory drilling. Free article

Classic resistance album reissued

19 July 2001

Throughout Ireland's proud history of rebellion and struggle, songs and verse have been used to capture the atmosphere of momentous events, and the prison struggle against criminalisation is no exception. Free article

Mitchel spells it out

19 July 2001

Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin, was in London on Tuesday, 17 July, where he spoke at a meeting of the Friends of Ireland, called to discuss the current crisis facing the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Manager rejects Sinn Féin waste motion

19 July 2001

In an extraordinary abuse of power, the Cork City Manager has refused to accept a Section 4 motion from Sinn Féin Councillor Jonathan O'Brien, which called on the manager to present the city's waste management plan, which councillors have amended, for decision at a special meeting. Free article

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