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15 August 2002 Edition

Appeal on behalf of Breton prisoners

15 August 2002

I am writing to you on behalf of SKOAZELL VREIZH, support committee for the political prisoners of Britanny, currently incarcerated in French gaols for over two years without charge or trial and without any political status recognition or rights Free article

Too much democracy is bad for you

15 August 2002

What a week for the coalition government and in particular Environment minister Martin Cullen. Not content with sneaking stealth taxes onto hundreds of thousands of 26-County households, the minister has also pronounced that there is too much democracy in the 26 Counties. Free article

Nice II Watch

15 August 2002

Another week of the Nice Treaty debate and another week of confusion as the Dublin government and other groups in the Yes side were only too willing to put off real debate on Nice II and get into a needless and tension raising discussion about immigration. Free article

The IMF's domino effect

15 August 2002

Latin America, where almost all governments follow the International Monetary Fund's economic philosophy without question, is in the throes of an unprecedented structural crisis. Free article

An Phoblacht Magazine


  • The first edition of this new magazine will feature a 10 page special on the life and legacy of our leader Martin McGuinness to mark the first anniversary of his untimely passing.
  • It will include a personal reminiscence by Gerry Adams and contributions from the McGuinness family.
  • There will also be an exclusive interview with our new Uachtarán Mary Lou McDonald.

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Déithe is Bandéithe

15 August 2002

This week, AN DRAOI RUA discusses some of the legacy of the gods and goddesses in Ireland Free article

The minimum wage battle

15 August 2002

You'll Never Get £3' The Story of the Cork Home Help Members of the AT&GWU By Noel Murphy (Red City Publications, 2002) Free article

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