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15 August 2002 Edition

Unite against sectarianism

15 August 2002

Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin has rejected comments from loyalist John White attempting to apportion blame for sectarian violence onto republicans. The party chair has also repeated Sinn Féin's call for a broad-front campaign against sectarianism in the Six Counties. Free article

The Ardoyne double standard

15 August 2002

It is not clear exactly what principle was being defended between 8.30am and 8.45am on Saturday morning by the Parades Commission, the RUC, the British Army and, most importantly, the British government, as they conspired to ensure that the Ligoniel Walkers Club got to march, unwanted, through Ardoyne to the beat of a drum decorated with UVF insignia Free article

Young Palestinians tell their story

15 August 2002

Four young people from Ramallah in Palestine told the stories of their lives growing up under Israeli occupation, at a meeting in the Project Arts Centre in Dublin last Tuesday, 13 August, organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Committee. They were stories to stir your heart to rage. Free article

UUP will damage Process if they walk away from institutions

15 August 2002

Newry Armagh Assembly member Conor Murphy, has urged the UUP to consider the damage they will do to the peace process if they continue with threats to walk away from the political institutions. Free article


Anger at new spytower in South Armagh

15 August 2002

The British governments commitment in implementing the Good Friday Agreement in full and publishing a 'rolling programme on demilitarisation' has been well and truly scuppered, says the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Association. They were reacting to the erection of an additional spypost on top of Slievebracken Mountain, Forkhill on Tuesday evening, 13 July. Free article

SDLP split on PSNI

15 August 2002

A DECISION by the SDLP chairperson of Omagh District Council to abstain from a vote on policing has prompted claims of internal divisions within the party on the contentious issue. Free article

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