20 July 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

Dúirt Siad...

All the civilians killed by the Israelis had been ordered to abandon their homes in the border village by the Israelis themselves a few hours earlier. Leave they did, 20 of them in a convoy of civilian cars. That's when the Israeli jets arrived to bomb them, killing 20 Leabanese, at least nine of them children. - Robert Fisk on the massacre at Marwaheen. Sunday Tribune, 16 July.

Relations between Fianna Fáil and senior executives in media group Independent News & Media (IN & M) - including Tony O'Reilly - are now "non-existant", according to senior government sources. - Pat Lewahy, The Sunday Business Post, 16 July.

We were told that the British police and media got interested in our name and somebody decided that a band by the name of Ira cannot play in Britain. - Derek Scally quoting lead singer for Ira Arthur Gadowski, The Irish Times 17 July.

After one middle aged woman gave a particularly harrowing description of torture in an Israeli prison she asked each of us where we were from. When I said Ireland, she said in Arabic, "you're struggle is our struggle" and then talked about the Irish republican prisoners she had exchanged letters with. - David Lynch, Daily Ireland 17 July.

For Paisley even mutual co-existence seems a problem and perhaps peace itself. All of this appears to have more in common with the fascism western nations rejected in the Second World war but journalists refer to as 'vintage Paisley'. This softens the impact of dangerous half-a-century-old nonsense. - Roy Garland, The Irish News, 17 July on Ian Paisley's 12 July speech.

We are always fleeing these days. We drive fast through the southern suburbs of Beirut, a haunted place of rubble and fear. - Robert Fisk gives a flavour of what a reporter' life in the Lenababese capital has become. Irish Independent, 18 July.

We feel raped. We never, never, never expected anything like this. - Camille Younis, a car rental agent in Beirut, reacts to the Israeli bombardment of his city. The Irish Times, 18 July.

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