1 April 2015 Edition

Kevin Myers stuck in the trenches

1 April 2015

JOHN BRUTON thinks the 1916 Rising should never have happened and that John Redmond should be revered. If Redmond had acted differently in 1914, this might very well have been the outcome. He could have stuck to his original call for the Irish Volunteers to remain in Ireland in defence of their country. But Redmond had long since sold his political soul to British imperialism and so he became a recruiting sergeant, leading thousands of Irishmen to their deaths in the senseless slaughter that was the First World War. Premium service article

Jamaican beats and Irish soul

1 April 2015

DUBLIN’S favourite ska and reggae stalwarts are back with their third album, Another Fine Mess. An eclectic mix of political and social songs and insanely catchy ska tunes, this is a top-drawer offering from a band who deserve to be on more people’s radar. Free article

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