2 June 2005 Edition

Support Palestine and Ireland this Saturday

2 June 2005

This Saturday the 26-County soccer team play Israel in Dublin for what many Irish supporters hope will be a much needed three points in the World Cup Soccer competition. I, like many others, will be watching the match and cheering on the Irish. However, I will also be thinking about why it is that Israel plays its matches with the European teams and not with the other teams from the Middle East. I will also be thinking about the Palestinian national team and how they are regularly prevented from training together, from travelling to matches, from living a normal life in general, while under Israeli occupation. Free article

Multinational exploitation of water resources

2 June 2005

There are lessons to be learned from the struggles of less developed countries, most of them positive, others salutary warnings to what may happen when markets are left unchecked. When the issue of water tax, or water privatisation, comes up here we could do worse than learn the lessons of disastrous experiences in countries like South Africa, Colombia, Tanzania or even England, for that matter. Free article

The numbers game

2 June 2005

The next major electoral challenge for Sinn Féin, excluding the EU Constitution referendum, will probably be the general election in the 26 Counties. JOANNE CORCORAN recently attended a selection convention in Dublin Northeast to gauge the mood of party activists. Free article

Adams slams Otegi arrest

2 June 2005

Gerry Adams MP last week spoke out against the jailing of Batasuna leader Arnaldo Otegi and said that is would only serve to set back efforts to establish a peace process. "The policy of criminalisation and exclusion pursued by successive Spanish Governments has been a failure and should be ended," said the Sinn Féin leader. "It is our view that a real opportunity exists to make progress and last week's vote in the Spanish Parliament, and the outcome of the recent elections in the Basque country, are further evidence of that. This opportunity should be grasped." In a statement issued after the arrest. Batasuna's National Committee said that jailing their spokesman, was a 'very serious' incident. They regarded the decision taken by the Spanish National Criminal Court as an attack not only on Batasuna, but also on the aspiration and determination to resolve the conflict democratically, and bring peace to the Basque Country. Otegi was subsequently released on a large bail. Free article

ASBOs - A cranks' charter

2 June 2005

Minister McDowell's latest notion is to extend Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), which Tony Blair's government introduced in Britain seven years ago, to the 26 Counties. Typically, the promised legislation extends to just one line, announcing the intention to do this. No detail has been given, except of course a succession of hints dropped and ministerial press statements that the legislation will be similar to the scheme in Britain, and that it will be an indispensable weapon in the control of anti-social behaviour. Without any consultation, the Minister has threatened to 'pass' the necessary amendments to existing legislation before the summer recess, in three weeks' time. ROISIN DE ROSA investigates. Free article

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Anger as flawed Disability Bill is passed

2 June 2005

The Disability Bill was forced through the Dáil by the FF/PD Government last week after months of intense campaigning, lobbying and debating by the many groups who are dismayed at a Bill that is fundamentally flawed and may, in fact, restrict the rights of people with disabilities. Free article

Catholics still twice as likely to be unemployed

2 June 2005

In the Six Counties, Catholic women are three-and-a-half times more likely to be unemployed than their Protestant counterparts, while Catholics in general, remain twice as likely to be unemployed. These shocking statistics have been drawn from the British Government's latest Labour Force Survey report. The report was released this week by the government's own Statistics and Research agency and was prepared by Oxford University professor Michael Noble. Free article

Belfast deal excludes Sinn Féin

2 June 2005

Sinn Féin's Paul Maskey has accused the SDLP and DUP of doing a deal to elect their candidates for the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor at the AGM of Belfast City Council on Thursday 26 May. Free article

Sinn Féin reps talk tactics

2 June 2005

In the wake of the recent elections, Sinn Féin representatives gathered in Gulladuff, County Derry this past weekend, to participate in the party's National Elected Representatives Forum. Free article

Irish Unity firmly on political agenda

2 June 2005

Speaking at the annual conference of the Institute for British - Irish Studies at UCD in Dublin last Friday 27 May, West Tyrone Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff said that "Irish unity is firmly on the political agenda within the minds of civil servants, government departments, economists, bankers and academics alike. Free article

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