17 January 2002 Edition

Britain's bombay take-away

17 January 2002

A bizarre deal in which Britain considered buying back Stg£65 million worth of helicopters to prop up its support operation in the Six Counties almost a decade ago has come back to haunt the Ministry of Defence, says Bernard Moffatt of the Celtic League Free article

Helicopters harass South Down

17 January 2002

South Down Sinn Féin Assembly member Mick Murphy has received complaints from residents about low flying helicopters in the Mayobridge area in the early hours of Thursday morning, 10 January. Free article

Rule change at Westminster welcomed

17 January 2002

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has said that the party's success in securing the use of parliamentary office facilities at Westminster in London is a victory for the rights of Sinn Féin voters. Free article

Crowe challenges business donors to political parties

17 January 2002

The prospective Sinn Féin TD for Dublin South-West has challenged business donors to switch their money from political parties to non-party publicity campaigns and help reverse falling turn-outs at election time. Free article

Social Partnership fails workers

17 January 2002

I was recently on the Internet doing some research when I discovered a paper written in July 1991; entitled "On the causes of Irish Unemployment" (Frank Barry UCD and John Bradley ESRI). What use could such a document be to us now, some might ask, now that we live in the era of the Celtic Tiger? Yet this document contains pearls of information regarding the underlying nature of the 26-County economy, something which will become more transparent with the onset of more difficult economic circumstances in the near future. Free article

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RUC agent killed Finucane

17 January 2002

A loyalist who acted as an agent for the RUC Special Branch has claimed that he shot Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane. Ken Barrett confessed to the killing during an arranged meeting with RUC CID officers and a member of the Special Branch two years after the killing. Free article

Free nursing care welcomed

17 January 2002

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson, West Belfast Asembly member Sue Ramsey, has welcomed the announcement that Minister for Health Bairbre de Brún intends to introduce free nursing care for elderly residents of nursing homes in October. Free article

Incinerators are not the answer

17 January 2002

Professor Connett, Chemistry Professor at St. Lawrence University in New York, spoke at a meeting in Dublin last Friday. Free article

The Cats are back

17 January 2002

The past year has been a hugely successful one for Sinn Féin, both electorally and also in terms of growth throughout the island. One of the counties experiencing a republican rénaissance having spent many years in the wilderness with no party organisation is Kilkenny. Free article

New Ross Sinn Féin's vision for the future

17 January 2002

Sinn Féin in County Wexford, seat of the 1798 Rebellion, has launched a development plan for New Ross that represents a major challenge to the government parties and their methods of administering local government. Free article

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