23 August 2001 Edition

Border region still marginalised

23 August 2001

Speaking at the Parnell Summer School at Avondale, County Wicklow, last week, Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said that despite the peace process and the `Celtic Tiger', the Border region was still marginalised. He insisted that much more must be done to spread the benefits of economic growth through the regions and across Irish society where poverty persists. Free article

Calls for Shanaghan inquiry

23 August 2001

A weekend of remembrance organised by the Castlederg/Aghgaran Justice Committee to mark the tenth anniversary of the murder of Patrick Shanaghan attracted hundreds of local and not so local people to the Aghgaran Centre. Free article

Sean Russell Remembered

23 August 2001

Local republicans braved the elements on Saturday, 18 August, to remember former IRA Chief of Staff Sean Russell, who died 61 years ago this year. Free article

Australian leaders urge progress

23 August 2001

A group of senior Australian trade union leaders and MPs have written to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, urging them not to let unionist politicians frustrate the peace process. Free article

Tallaght builders oppose black market

23 August 2001

Building workers in Tallaght, Dublin, marched on Wednesday morning, 22 August, in protest against what they term `exessive levels of sub-contracting and black-market employement' on a site in the area. Free article

Sellafield looks for government bailout

23 August 2001

Just a week after launching their annual report, with the theme that nuclear power was ``for today, for tomorrow'', the loss making British Nuclear Fuels is negotiating a multimillion pound bail-out with the British government to dismantle its aging reactors. Free article

£1 billion gas giveaway

23 August 2001

Has anyone seen £1.1 billion? It was lost last week by a careless coalition government. £1.1 billion is the net value placed on the Corrib gas field currently being developed by three international oil and gas exploration companies who convinced an ill informed Dublin government to sign away the rights for huge amounts of Ireland's deep sea mineral resources for essentially nothing. Free article

Iraq's children suffer as UN prevaricates

23 August 2001

Eleven years after the Gulf War, Western powers are still using the figure of Saddam Hussein as the main reason to keep sanctions against Iraq in place. However, his continued presence as head of state of the Middle East country shows that the sanctions regime imposed on Iraq by the UN Security Council is failing, while adding to the terrible suffering of Iraq's civilian population. Free article

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