1 March 2001 Edition

500 names on loyalist death list

1 March 2001

North Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly has described the discovery of a loyalist death list containing the names of as many as 500 people as ``extremely worrying.'' Free article

It's only a game, you fenian bastard

1 March 2001

A loyalist threat to soccer star Neil Lennon has once again brought the spotlight to bear on the sectarianism that permeates soccer in the Six Counties. Free article

Loyalists linked to Orange Hall

1 March 2001

Two brothers jailed for a gun incident linked to the Orange Volunteers loyalist death squad were members of the Orange Lodge at the centre of last week's revelation concerning a UDA celebration held in an Orange Hall. Free article

A Bill of Rights for a better future

1 March 2001

On Tuesday of this week, Sinn Féin made a detailed submission to the Human Rights Commission on what we believe should be contained in a Bill of Rights. During the Good Friday negotiations Sinn Fein proposed that a free standing, wide ranging Bill of Rights, enforcable by law would be a first step towards the harmonisation of rights throughout the island. Free article

BT call centre staff warned over RUC recruitment drive

1 March 2001

British Telecom staff working in a Belfast call centre who have refused to handle calls for the latest recruitment campaign for the RUC are being threatened with disciplinary proceedings. Free article

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Carrickmacross hears former Hunger Striker

1 March 2001

Around 80 people from the Carrickmacross area attended a public meeting in the Shirley Arms Hotel last Wednesday, 21 February, organised as part of the local commemorative projects to mark the 20th anniversary year of the 1981 Hunger Strikes. An impressive exhibition containing memorabilia from the period collected by locals was also on display. Free article

We shall overcome

1 March 2001

A hundred years of mourning was the time scale deemed appropriate by Native Americans to acknowledge their collective grief following the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. The heartbreak and suffering inflicted at Wounded Knee epitomised their shared experience of injustice and oppression. Free article

Planning the destruction of Finglas village

1 March 2001

Developers want to tear down Finglas village on Dublin city's northside and replace it with a high rise complex of businesses and apartments. Local Sinn Féin councillor Dessie Ellis is furious at the lack of consultation with the community and questions the motives of the developers. ROISIN DE ROSA investigates. Free article

Howth: Fishing in decline

1 March 2001

A 26-County task force on the fishing industry this week acknowledged the need to include all fishing communities, regardless of their geographical area, in existing and future urban and rural tax incentive renewal schemes. However, for traditional fishing villages like Dublin's Howth, which have been neglected by successive governments, this news is a case of too little too late. Free article

Arthur Morgan visits Indaver in Belgium

1 March 2001

Louth County Councillor Arthur Morgan recently travelled to Belgium as part of a delegation organised by LMFM radio station to investigate Indaver, the company that has applied for planning permission to build an incinerator at Carranstown, beside Platin CRH works on the County Meath side of the Louth border. Already thousands of people have signed their outrage at the very idea and are currently making objections to Indaver's plans. The Sinn Féin councillor told An Phoblacht's ROISIN DE ROSA what he discovered. Free article

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