27 July 2000 Edition

Do homeless children have constitutional rights?

27 July 2000

The Dublin government is to appeal to the Supreme Court the right of the High Court to injunct the health boards to provide accommodation for troubled children, which the boards have failed, consistently to do. Free article

$750 million PR party for G8

27 July 2000

What a weekend it must have been to blow $750 million. Yet this this is what the leaders of the self styled G8 did at their summit in Okinawa last weekend. The G8 is made up of the eight largest global economies. Having access to nuclear technology and weapons also seems to be a common factor among many of the G8 members. Free article

Haughey wriggles on the hook

27 July 2000

It is unclear what the actual end value of the two ongoing tribunals at Dublin Castle will be. Some political careers have foundered, some more will definitely follow and the public have been left with a remarkable insight into political life in the 26 Counties. The chances of anyone being sent to jail seems at best remote. However there are still some highlights to savour and this weeks examination of Charlie Haughey's financial dealings are a case in point. Free article

Loyalists intimidate Catholic holiday makers

27 July 2000

A West Belfast mother and her ten year old son were the target of sectarian thugs at a Spanish holiday resort. Free article

Graves Association refused compensation over damaged graves

27 July 2000

The Northern Ireland Office has refused compensation to the National Graves Association over the destruction of headstones in the republican plot in Milltown cemetery. Free article

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Securocrats digging their heels in

27 July 2000

More proof has emerged this week that the securocrats are tightening their grip, or grasping at straws, on British policy in Ireland. Free article

Death riding initiative launched

27 July 2000

Belfast Sinn Féin has launched a major new `anti joyriding' initiative. Launching the initiative at the party's Falls Road offices on Monday 24 July Councillor Michael Ferguson called for ``all relevant bodies including political parties and community groups, statutory agencies and concerned residents to play their part in finding a solution'', to the problem of reckless driving of stolen cars. Free article

Christy Burke secures funding for Haven House hostel

27 July 2000

``I was totally appalled when I saw the conditions in Haven House where 30 homeless women, some with families are accommodated,'' says Christy Burke. ``I just couldn't believe it. It is the nearest thing to a prison camp - barbed wire everywhere, no where to play for the children, except a tiny yard. No facilities. It is a disgrace.'' Free article

Back issue: Leinster House spurns exiles

27 July 2000

THE CHANGE in the voting laws which gives Irish people living outside the Six Counties who emigrated as far back as October 1970 the opportunity to vote in Westminster and Ec parliamentary elections, is amajor step forward for all those emigrants who had previously been disenfranchised. Free article

Rent control setback

27 July 2000

There are over 264,000 people living in rented accommodation in the 26 Counties. Over the past five years many of these households have seen the cost of this accommodation double and treble. There are almost no checks on the quality of this housing and there is little regulation of the landlords who rent these properties. Free article

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