24 February 2000 Edition

British snub Parades Commission review

24 February 2000

The British government has refused to produce a public report on the vast consultation process into the workings of the Parades Commission. Yet the fast-tracking of legislation aimed at facilitating sectarian parades through nationalist areas is said to be based on the findings of this review, writes CAÍTLIN DOHERTY Free article

Gildernew calls for border road opening

24 February 2000

Fermanagh and South Tyrone Assembly member Michelle Gildernew is calling on the British government to reopen the only two cross-border roads that remain closed along the Monaghan Tyrone border. Free article

Paddy's Day hypocrisy

24 February 2000

While blocking funding for its own city's inclusive festivities, Belfast City Council has decided to send its unionist mayor to Washington DC to celebrate St Patrick's Day, writes Caítlin Doherty Free article

Pregnant woman refused bail

24 February 2000

The judiciary in the Six Counties has been slammed after a bail application by a pregnant woman was refused. The young lady, from West Belfast, was arrested during a series of dawn raids on homes in nationalist areas of the city last Wednesday, 16 February. Free article

Voices raised against racism

24 February 2000

``They are not to blame for the current housing crisis - successive governments are. They are not responsible for the disgracefully low levels of social welfare - successive governments are. They are not responsible for the long delay in the processing of their applications - successive governments are'' - Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD. Free article

The case against the British nuclear industry

24 February 2000

Last week's admittance by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL) that it had falsified quality control records came as a shock to the Irish public. It confirmed decades of fears about the management and safety of the British nuclear industry. Free article

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