29 July 1999 Edition

Loyalists fear Sinn Fein support

29 July 1999

Ballycastle Sinn Féin councillor James McCarry has said he will not be intimidated by loyalist threats, following an incident at his home on Sunday. Free article

GAA in bomb alert

29 July 1999

Loyalist paramilitaries could have killed schoolchildren had a device left outside a GAA club in Dungannon at the weekend exploded, says Sinn Féin's Michelle Gildernew. Free article

Tensions rise in Kilkeel

29 July 1999

The nationalist residents' group, Mourne Nationalists For Equality, has expressed concerns that a planned 14 August loyalist parade in Kilkeel and an open air service in the town the next day, coinciding with the traditional AOH parade in the town and the anniversary of the Omagh bombing, has the potential to erupt into violence. Free article

RUC using joyriders

29 July 1999

Twinbrook Sinn Féin councillor Paul Butler has challenged the RUC to explain why Stephen Light - one of the car thieves involved in the deaths of Brian Donnelly (19), Justin (24) and Charmaine Watson (26) near Ballybogey outside Ballymoney, Co Antrim, last Friday - was arrested and then released a week earlier. Free article

Sectarian attack condemned

29 July 1999

A 17-year-old woman and her three-month-old baby were intimidated out of their home in the Strule Park estate in Omagh following a sectarian attack by stone throwing youths. Free article

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Plutonium shipment

29 July 1999

A WHITE ELEPHANT was towed up the Thames to the British Houses of Parliament last Friday, 23 July, by Greenpeace in protest at the shipment across the Irish Sea of 32 plutonium fuel (MOX), separated at the British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL) state reprocessing plant at Sellafield for sale to Japan. Free article

Still 2:1 unemployment imbalance

29 July 1999

New labour market figures released in the Six Counties reaffirm the employment discrimination against nationalists highlighted by An Phoblacht last week. The figures, based on the 1997 Labour Force Survey, found that Catholics are still nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as Protestants. Free article

Dublin delegation in South Armagh

29 July 1999

There will be no reduction in British military activity in south Armagh, a Dublin government delegation was told after a visit to the area last week. Free article

Full employment should be the goal

29 July 1999

``A full employment Ireland is now attainable.'' This was the analysis from the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed (INOU) General Secretary Mike Allen after the Central Statistics Office (CSO) published new labour force figures that show one measure of unemployment dipping below 100,000 for the first time. Free article

Johnnie be good

29 July 1999

As Fianna Fáil, the Progressive Democrats, the employers organisations and the trade union movement begin a series of public exchanges on what they expect from the new round of wage negotiations, a small dispute in a well known pub in the Dublin mountains shows how far there is to go to achieving real social partnership in the 26 Counties. Free article

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