22 July 1999 Edition

Bogside residents welcome dialogue with Apprentice Boys

22 July 1999

Sinn Féin and the Bogside Residents Group (BRG) have both welcomed indications that the Apprentice Boys might enter into direct dialogue with the BRG in an attempt to resolve the issue of the contentious Apprentice Boys' 12 August parade around Derry city centre. Free article

UDA attempt to kill Catholic

22 July 1999

The two loyalist gunmen who tried to kill a Catholic taxi driver in Belfast in the early hours of Wednesday morning, 14 July, were only foiled because their gun jammed. Free article

Basque leaders freed

22 July 1999

Twenty-three members of the National Executive of the Basque Pro-independence party Herri Batasuna (HB) were released in the early hours of Wednesday 21 June after serving 20 months of seven-year sentences. Free article

Donnelly letter accuses RUC

22 July 1999

Fresh demands have been made for a fully independent investigation into the 15 March killing of Rosemary Nelson have followed controversial new claims that the RUC refused to properly investigate death threats made by RUC officers against the Lurgan solicitor. Free article

Informer wants Stevens officer as witness

22 July 1999

A loyalist Special Branch informer accused of murdering Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane in 1989 is to call on a member of the Stevens Inquiry to give evidence at his remand hearing. Free article

Derry tribute to Volunteer Jim Moyne

22 July 1999

Tar Abhaile, the Derry former prisoners' group, is to offer an Irish language bursary scheme in tribute to Volunteer Jim Moyne and in recognition of the growth of Irish in the Derry city area. Free article

The second prong of attack - The `Trafficking' Bill

22 July 1999

In the second part of a report on the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland and the EU, Róisín De Rosa examines the pending Illegal Immigrants (Trafficking) Bill, 1999, and highlights examples of abuses of refugees in Europe and here in Ireland. Free article

Unemployment figures highlight inequalitiy

22 July 1999

``An excellent basis on which to build the economic Way Forward in Northern Ireland''. This was the view last week of British economy minister Adam Ingram. He was commenting on a fall in the numbers claiming unemployment benefit as well as increased manufacturing output in the Six Counties. Free article

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