6 November 1997 Edition

CAC bombs Derry tax office

6 November 1997

``This is no joke. This is a bomb. Get out.'' Those words shouted by a masked man armed with a handgun who left a holdall containing explosives with petrol attached meant the evacuation of 300 British government workers in Derry City last Thursday morning 30 October. Free article

Unionists `playing games' - Adams

6 November 1997

Gerry Adams got a standing ovation at Derry's Guildhall on Monday night after challenging both Unionists and nationalists. Stating bluntly that what we have now is not peace, but the opportunity for peace, he said, ``Change is required. It is about creating justice and until we actually bring about this change, until we ring-fence it and anchor it, then we can't say that we have peace. To achieve this, nationalists must make this phase of the struggle their own.'' Free article

McGuinness attacks British militarists

6 November 1997

In the largest march in support of the prisoners that Newry has seen since the hunger strikes, 3000 people heard Martin McGuinness last Saturday hit out at the `militarists' in the British establishment who are holding up progress in the peace process. Free article

Gretta Reel remembered

6 November 1997

The long and eventful life of an outstanding republican woman was celebrated in her native Killeevan, County Monaghan as friends from Belfast and Monaghan gathered at her graveside on 25 October. Free article

Save Santry Wood for the people

6 November 1997

A community campaign to save a woodland from profiteering developers is poised to become an initiative to provide badly needed jobs. Free article

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SF TD calls for release of H-Block Three

6 November 1997

Caoimhghín O Caoláin TD will give the keynote address to the Annual Congress of the Irish American Unity Conference in San Francisco on 8 November. Free article

Tyrone harassment getting worse

6 November 1997

The last two weeks have seen persistent harassment and attempted recruitment of nationalists in County Tyrone. Sinn Fein's Francie Molloy said that most of the activity was concentrated around Dungannon and Coalisland and that a single mother and the nephew of Rose Anne Mallon, shot dead by loyalists in 1994, were among those targeted. Free article

UN investigator slams RUC and Law Society

6 November 1997

Dato Param Cumaraswamy, the UN lawyer investigating intimidation of lawyers in the Six Counties has called for a full independent judicial inquiry into the 1989 murder of Pat Finucane. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers also raised serious concerns about solicitors ``loss of confidence in the RUC complaints mechanism and their own association, the Law Society.'' Free article

Sinn Féin student resurgence

6 November 1997

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael students in colleges throughout Dublin are in complete bewilderment following a massive increase in young people wishing to join Republicans in the search for a just and equitable society. In UCD alone 106 students applied to join Sinn Féin. This is a significant figure in a university which in recent years had followed a trend of anti-republicanism. Free article

News of the World `beneath contempt'

6 November 1997

Friends and family of Mairead Farrell are disgusted and furious at the totally unfounded allegations printed in the latest SAS tell tale book `Violent Delights'. In the book an ex-SAS officer claims he had a personal relationship with Mairead Farrell, who was one of three unarmed IRA Volunteers gunned down in Gibraltar in 1988. Free article

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