25 September 1997 Edition

More children injured in Poleglass

25 September 1997

RUC and DOE opposition to the introduction of traffic calming measures in Belfast's Poleglass and Twinbrook estates has claimed another four victims. Free article

Fascists march with Orange Order

25 September 1997

David Trimble may intend to "confront Sinn Fein, not negotiate" but as for exposing fascism, the unionist leader would do well to start by looking closer to home. Trimble's Stormont remarks followed a recent Orange Order march during which the Loyal Order was accompanied by British fascists. Free article

Dialann Sraid Chill Dara

25 September 1997

Kildare Street will be a weekly insider's guide to Leinster House. Micheal MacDonncha will report on the work of Sinn Fein TD Caoimhghin O Caolain as well as the wider political goings-on in the corridors of power. Free article

Ardoyne residents discount CAC story

25 September 1997

RESIDENTS OF Ardoyne in North Belfast have been in touch with An Phoblacht to say that a story in the Irish News on Tuesday 23 September was "inaccurate". Free article

Adams backs community justice

25 September 1997

West Belfast MP Gerry Adams is backing the development of a community justice system based on existing neighbourhood watch schemes and financed by statutory agencies. Describing the RUC as "unacceptable", Adams said the existing justice system had failed. "It lacks credibility. Recent opinion polls have confirmed the absence of any measure of support for it among nationalists," he said. Free article

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Sinn Féin Youth in RUC protests

25 September 1997

Several hundred Sinn Féin Youth activists last weekend called for the immediate disbandment of the RUC as they staged a series of demonstrations outside RUC barracks in north and west Belfast. The protests, which are the first of a number planned for the coming months, brought together young people of all ages, as well as veteran protestors, in a lively and colourful display of resistance. Free article

Native Americans sacred run comes to Ireland

25 September 1997

The more athletic members of the republican family joined in with Native Americans in a spiritual run around Ireland which ended last week. Free article

Bloody Sunday on Derry walls

25 September 1997

The Gasyard Féile, with the support of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign and Bloody Sunday Trust, have erected six life-size photographic enlargements of images taken by French photojournalist Gilles Peress on Bloody Sunday, on walls in Derry's Bogside. Free article

McGuinness opposes health cuts

25 September 1997

Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness will meet with the chairperson of the Northern Health Board, Robert Hanna today, Thursday, to discuss the proposed cuts in acute services available at the Mid-Ulster Hospital and the effect any changes will have on future prospects of the employees. Free article

Canada remembers the Famine

25 September 1997

THE IRISH FAMINE COMMEMORATION PROJECT in Kingston, Ontario has successfully petitioned Kingston City Council to set aside a piece of parkland as a memorial to the 1,400 Irish people who died in the city after they arrived there during the Great Hunger. Free article

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