10 July 1997 Edition

Residents battered in Bellaghy

10 July 1997

The RUC attacked the people of Bellaghy and Sinn Féin MP Martin McGuinness the night after finishing their work on Garvaghy Road. Residents assembled peaceably to oppose the annual Orange parade through the predominately nationalist village. Hundreds of RUC and British Army flooded the village to corral residents in a tiny area, then surged forward trying to move residents back further. Free article

Residents meet Dublin government

10 July 1997

A joint delegation from Lower Ormeau Concerned Community and the Garvaghy Road Residents' Group met the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern and Foreign Minister Ray Burke on Wednesday. During the hour-long meeting, the residents gave first-hand accounts of the brutality of the RUC and British Army in forcing the Orange Order march through the Garvaghy Road last Sunday. Free article

Springfield Road Attack

10 July 1997

A 14 year old Protestant boy was slightly injured by gunfire at the Lanark Way interface on the Springfield Road last Sunday, after a night of rioting following the RUC actions on the Garvaghy Road. Residents spent Sunday evening anticipating a Loyalist attack, and this perception proved correct. Free article

Plight of Eddie Butler highlighted

10 July 1997

The death took place last week of the father of Eddie Butler who is entering his 22nd year as a political prisoner in England. The prisoner had not seen his father for six years because of his ill health and because Eddie has been repeatedly refused both compassionate parole and repatriation to Ireland. Free article

East Timorese hero murdered

10 July 1997

Another Timorese freedom fighter has fallen. David Alex Daitula, 46 years old, was Falintil deputy chief of staff, regional commander in the Bacau area, and one of the earliest fighters for Timorese nationalism with the Fretilin resistance movement. Free article

UDA man killed with own bomb

10 July 1997

The death of Brian Morton, blown up by his own bomb last Monday 9 July is another sign of continuing loyalist violence against the nationalist community. Free article

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