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1 August 2017 Edition

Colombian trade union leader freed from prison speaks in Belfast

1 August 2017

SENIOR Colombian trade unionist and recently-released political prisoner Huber Ballesteros has told Irish republicans in Belfast of his frustration at the Colombian Government’s failure to fully implement the peace deal recently signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla movement that has ended a 52-year-long conflict. Free article

Is féidir leis na Breatnaigh rud nó dhó a mhúineadh dúinn

1 August 2017

TÁ CATH tábhachtach ar siúl maidir le hAcht Teangan ó thuaidh, ach is ceart cuimhneamh go bhfuil cath ar siúl ó dheas freisin le fírinne a dhéanamh dena prionsabail is dena geallúintí atá déanta i leith na teangan. Free article

Another Europe is possible - Treo eile don Eoraip

1 August 2017

New EU budget must not be ‘military slush fund’, Brexit talks: Citizens’ rights must be urgently addressed, EU must act on rise in HIV-AIDS, TB, HepC, and EU multinational tax transparency weakened plus more Free article

Diaspora engagement is central to the work of Sinn Féin MPs

1 August 2017

THERE’S A STORY that’s told of an Italian in New York at the turn of the 20th century who wrote home to his family: “I came to this country because I had heard the streets were paved with gold. Since getting here, I’ve learnt three things: First, the streets aren’t paved with gold; second, they aren’t paved at all – and third, I’m expected to pave them!” Free article

Planning for the future - Our diversity is our strength

1 August 2017

BREXIT has created a constitutional earthquake and its aftershocks have exposed the fault lines of partition in Ireland. The Border is now laid bare as the false construct it has always been – and its contradictions must now be dealt with. Free article

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Joe McDonnell, Fian John Dempsey and Nora McCabe remembered

1 August 2017

AS REPUBLICANS gathered in Belfast on Saturday 8 July to mark the 36th anniversary of the hunger strike of IRA Volunteer Joe McDonnell, it was fitting that they also paid tribute to two other Belfast people, Fian John Dempsey and Nora McCabe Free article

Help restore Irish patriots memorial in Australia

1 August 2017

CAIRDE Sinn Féin Australia are raising funds to help the Irish National Association (INA) repair the damage caused by vandals to the premier monument in Australia to honour Ireland’s patriot dead. All funds raised by this project will be publicly donated to the Irish National Association. Free article

Brexit: European Citizen’s Award winners tell Irish Government ‘Get off your knees’

1 August 2017

THE Irish Government has been told to “get off its knees” and demand ‘Special Status for the North Within the EU’. Free article

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