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8 May 2008 Edition

New Taoiseach should chart new course

8 May 2008

THE Sinn Féin Teachtaí Dála did not support the nomination of the Minister for Finance Brian Cowen as Taoiseach on Wednesday. The record of Governments dominated by Fianna Fáil since 1997 has been such that we could not endorse them by voting for their nominee. Free article

Another union says 'No' to Lisbon Treaty

8 May 2008

THE national executive of the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) has advised its 45,000 members to vote 'No' in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty "as the pendulum has swung against workers' rights in favour of big business". Free article

North's investment conference must deliver real change

8 May 2008

Speaking in advance of the US-NI investment conference, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said the event is "an important opportunity for business leaders to invest in a peaceful future, to tackle deprivation and build equality". Free article

May Day: Celebrating solidarity

8 May 2008

THIS YEAR'S International Workers' Day on 1 May saw a successful march through Dublin from the Garden of Remembrance to Liberty Hall to commemorate the struggle for workers' rights. The march was attended by Sinn Féin members alongside trade union comrades and other groups and was led by the Communications Workers' Union Band. Free article


Tony Benn speaks out against Lisbon Treaty in Dublin

8 May 2008

TONY BENN, former British Labour MP, cabinet minister and socialist campaigner, made a whirlwind visit to Dublin on Tuesday, 6 May. Hosted by Ógra Shinn Féin, Benn travelled to Ireland to speak at a number of meetings on the Lisbon Treaty. Free article

One year on - Sinn Féin Assembly reshuffle

8 May 2008

SINN FÉIN Group Leader in the North's Assembly John O'Dowd MLA has announced that a year after the return of the Assembly the party has concluded a reshuffle of the Sinn Féin Assembly team. Free article

PLANNING: Rezoning row in North Tipperary boils over

8 May 2008

A SINN FÉIN councillor has been threatened with being sued by seven North Tipperary county councillors for defamation after he asked an ethics watchdog to re-examine a controversial planning application in the scenic village of Puckane. Free article

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