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8 June 2006 Edition

Basque visit: Sinn Féin President meets range of political leaders

8 June 2006

Gerry Adams is on a three day visit to the Basque country and Spain. RICHARD McAULEY, who is acopanying the Sinn Féin President, sent this report from Bilbao. Free article

Warning of possible plot to kill McGuinness

8 June 2006

Sinn Féin has warned that a black propaganda campaign against Martin McGuinness may be an attempt to set up Sinn Fein's Chief Negotiator for assassination. Free article

Remembering 1981: Hunger Strikers among candidates in 26 Counties

8 June 2006

Friday, 29 May 1981 saw the announcement by the National H Block/Armagh Committee that it was endorsing nine republican prisoners as candidates for the 26 County General Elections to be held that June. Free article

Irish Government must cease collusion with illegal renditions

8 June 2006

After the Council of Europe named the 26 Counties as being a stopover point for flights involving the unlawful transfer of detainees, Sinn Féin International Affairs spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, called on the Government to immediately account for and cease its collusion with the CIA's network of secret flights and illegal renditions. Free article

Rape law controversy: Inquiry needed

8 June 2006

Legislation introduced by 26-County Justice Minister Michael McDowell in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling, making the charge of statutory rape unconstitutional, is deeply flawed. A subsequent ruling by the Supreme Court returning the rapist known as 'Mr A' to jail may not be applicable to all of the other cases and we may still witness the spectacle of convicted rapists walking free. Despite this, the Government is attempting to portray recent developments as the problem solved. Free article


British collusion unravelling

8 June 2006

The failed attempt on the life of Mark Haddock and the imminent publication of the Six County Ombudsman's report into British state collusion with the UVF is expected to expose the close working relationship between Haddock and Special Branch aswell as Special Branch efforts to cover up over a dozen murders. Free article

DUP and sectarianism in Ballymena

8 June 2006

Following the brutal sectarian killing of teenager Michael McIlveen in Ballymena last month, the DUP came under media pressure to challenge sectarian attitudes among their supporters. But events this week suggest that the DUP is a major part of the problem. Free article

O'Rawe refuted: Danny Morrison publishes H-Block comms

8 June 2006

Unsupported claims made by a former republican prisoner Richard O'Rawe, and widely reported in the media in recent weeks and months, that the IRA leadership had allowed several republican Hunger Strikers to die in 1981 has been fatally undermined this week. Former Sinn Féin Publicity Director Danny Morrison, who was a key liaison person with the Hunger Strikers during 1981, has produced secret communications written by O'Rawe during the period and which prove that the allegations are without foundation. Free article

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