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12 January 2006 Edition

Restoring Good Friday institutions - Sinn Féin in contact with both governments

12 January 2006

Speaking to An Phoblacht on Wednesday evening last Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams revealed that Sinn Féin had been in contact with the British and Irish governments at the highest levels about the prospects for political progress in the time ahead. Free article

The lessons of history

12 January 2006

State papers released over the New Year threw a spotlight on political events in Ireland and Britain during 1975. One of the key events of that year in the Six Counties was a cessation of military operations by the IRA. Here in an exclusive interview with An Phoblacht leading republican Martin McGuinness looks back at this event and the lessons learned from the period by Irish republicans Free article

Key economic policy conference

12 January 2006

This weekend sees an important Sinn Féin conference forming part of the development of a comprehensive Sinn Féin economic policy. A document before the conference introduces Sinn Féin's vision of the economics of a United Ireland of Equals. Free article

British withdraw OTR legislation

12 January 2006

Peter Hain, British Secretary of State in the Six Counties announced on Wednesday that the British government was to withdraw its proposed legislation for On The Runs (OTRs). Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said it was a recognition that the legislative proposal was unacceptable. Free article


Mary Lou calls for inspection of US planes

12 January 2006

Campaigners have established a peace camp on the outskirts of Shannon Airport to protest at the continued use of the airport by US troops and military planes involved in the military occupation of Iraq. Free article

Another British failure in Ireland

12 January 2006

The tenure of former British Secretary of State for the Six Counties, Merlyn Rees, who died last week aged 85, was from the outset marked by indecision and timidity. When he arrived in the Six Counties after the unexpected election of Harold Wilson's Labour Government in February 1974, he came as an inexperienced Minister, despite having shadowed the post for some time in opposition. This inexperience was to become telling in the months which followed. Free article

Suicide report shocking insight - Gerry Adams

12 January 2006

A new report on the extent of suicide and self-harm in the North has produced new statistics revealing the extent of the problem, the failures of the health authorities to tackle it, and linked social deprivation to the significantly higher numbers of deaths in areas like West and North Belfast. Free article

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