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17 November 2005 Edition

Castlereagh collusion confirmed

17 November 2005

The British government tried to suppress it. British sources briefed the media it was a "non story". The PSNI refused to comment and the then British NIO Minister Ian Pearson insisted, "There were no indications the material had fallen into the hands of paramilitaries." Free article

Campaign to end direct rule steps up

17 November 2005

"Direct Rule is a failure," was Sinn Féin's message delivered at a Stormont press conference this week. "It fails all the people of the North at every conceivable social, political and economic level. Free article

British cynicism and SDLP hypocrisy

17 November 2005

The British government has used the introduction of legislation to address the anomaly of 'On-the-Runs,' to further protect state agencies and agents. This is a tacit admission that forces like Special Branch, covert units within the British army and British military intelligence were involved in illegal activities including the murder of citizens living in Ireland but held within British jurisdiction. Free article

Election fever puts Sinn Féin centre stage

17 November 2005

Election fever has gripped the political establishment in the 26 Counties and in an ironic twist, comments by leaders of all the conservative parties have catapulted Sinn Féin to centre stage in the debate about the make up of the next Irish government. Free article


Irish Ferries Pressure on Ahern as Labour Court backs workers

17 November 2005

A Labour Court decision this week vindicating SIPTU and the Seamen's Union of Ireland and the immediate rejection of the Court's recommendations by Irish Ferries has put the focus back on the Government's position. Free article

Spotlight will turn on DUP, unionist paramilitaries

17 November 2005

Following an engagement between a Sinn Féin delegation and British Direct Ruler Peter Hain and 26 County Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern at Hillsborough Castle on Monday, Sinn Féin's Chief negotiator Martin McGuinness told An Phoblacht that the delegation told both government representatives they have to make clear to the DUP that it now has a huge responsibility in relation to the peace process and the restoration of the political institutions in the North. Free article

Photos of US troops at Shannon raised in Dáil

17 November 2005

The photographs of US troops in the public areas of Shannon Airport published exclusively by An Phoblacht last week, were raised in the Dáil by Sinn Féin Dáil leader Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin on Wednesday. He asked the Taoiseach if the Government's National Security Committee had addressed the issue of "the continuing use of Shannon Airport as a staging post for the war in Iraq". Free article

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