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13 January 2005 Edition

Sinn Féin will resist discrimination by governments

13 January 2005

Gerry Adams has given notice to Sinn Féin that the party must prepare to resist any campaign of discrimination by the two governments against its electorate. Speaking to An Phoblacht, the Sinn Féin President said: "The process was in considerable difficulties following the DUP rejection of the comprehensive agreement in December. Free article

Intelligence, opinions and illusions

13 January 2005

Illusionist Derren Brown on TV last week demonstrated how easily people's perception can be manipulated by someone telling them what they are already predisposed to believe. It's been a bit like that here this week. Free article

Accusations and agendas - BY MARTIN McGUINNESS

13 January 2005

Since the robbery at the Northern Bank on 28 December, the media has been rife with innuendo, speculation and rumour - all of it about what organisation was capable of carrying out such an audacious and meticulously planned robbery. And so, without one scrap of evidence, the finger was pointed at the IRA by irresponsible media elements solely on the basis that, in their opinion, the IRA was the only organisation capable of carrying out such an operation. Free article

Nationalists deeply disappointed at Ahern remarks

13 January 2005

Sinn Féin spokespersons reacted angrily to claims by the Taoiseach that the Sinn Féin leadership knew of plans to rob the Northern Bank in Belfast. Party Chair Mitchel McLaughlin said Ahern's remarks were "a direct attack on the integrity of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness". Free article


Adair flees to Bolton

13 January 2005

Ousted UDA leader Johnny Adair was released from Maghaberry Prison in County Antrim on Monday 10 January and was immediately flown by British military helicopter from RAF Aldergrove to Manchester Airpor Free article

Protecting a killer

13 January 2005

Where does a state's duty of care begin and end? That's the question I asked myself when I heard on the radio the other day that UDA leader, Johnny Adair, was released early from prison and was whisked off in a British Army helicopter to his family in Bolton, England. Free article

Céad Bliain Sinn Féin 1905-2005

13 January 2005

The launch of the programme of events for Céad Bliain Sinn Féin, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Sinn Féin, will take place on Friday evening 14 January, in the historic Round Room of Dublin's Mansion House, when Party President Gerry Adams will officially launch the year's activities. Free article

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