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18 September 2003 Edition

AG calls for Finucane inquiry

18 September 2003

The 26-County attorney general, Rory Brady, has told a lawyers' conference in the United States that it would be "inconceivable" if the British government did not institute a public judicial inquiry into the assassination of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. Free article

How high are the flames?

18 September 2003

If the images of unionist protest outside Carnmoney cemetery can tell us one thing it's this; anti-Catholic bigotry is not confined to the UDA and UVF paramilitaries. In the Irish News, the photographs show two inoffensive elderly Catholic women, one carrying an offering of flowers, being confronted by unionist protestors. Free article

Unionist paramilitaries intensify attacks

18 September 2003

In the wake of the UDA campaign to drive Catholic residents from the Deerpark Road in North Belfast, unionist paramilitary activity has increased across the Six Counties. A group calling itself the Loyalist Action Force issued a death threat against Glengormley priest Fr Dan Whyte. The group is more than likely a bogus cover name for the UDA. Free article

British to fight coroner's ruling

18 September 2003

The British government and the PSNI are set to defy a coroner's ruling that they hand over unedited documentation relating to the killings of ten County Tyrone nationalists during the 1990s. Free article

Swedish reject euro amid concerns over EU democracy

18 September 2003

Could it be that the European Union can't handle democracy? Sinn Féin European Parliament candidate Marylou McDonald has called on the Dublin government and EU power brokers to "listen to the citizens of Europe and not dilute their right to vote in the forthcoming EU constitution treaty referenda". Free article


Stonewalling soldiers give evidence - The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

18 September 2003

The Bloody Sunday inquiry heard evidence last week from the soldier in command of the Anti-Tank platoon of Support Company - the unit believed to have been responsible for killing up to eleven people on Bloody Sunday and wounding a further seven. Free article

Great Escape reunion celebrates indomitable spirit of republicans

18 September 2003

In his attempts to be seen as the most hardline of hardline unionists, Ulster Unionist MP Jeffrey Donaldson has gone on the offensive over this coming Friday's commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the 1983 H Block in Donegal. Free article

Kelly in London to demand elections

18 September 2003

Sinn Féin North Belfast representative Gerry Kelly was in Westminster on 17 September where he briefed cross-party MPs and the media about the current situation with the peace process. Free article

An Phoblacht price rise

18 September 2003

From next week, the price of your weekly copy of An Phoblacht will be increased. Free article

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