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7 August 2003 Edition

Tell the truth about collusion

7 August 2003

  This weekend, tens of thousands of people, from all over Ireland and further afield, will be marching in Belfast in support of the families of hundreds of people believed to have been killed as a direct consequence of Britain's collusion strategy. Free article

Collusion claimed many lives in 26 Counties

7 August 2003

BY MÍCHEÁL MacDONNCHA - British state collusion with loyalist paramilitaries, or indeed direct operations by British forces, also took a heavy toll of lives in the 26 Counties. These include: Free article

Colombia Three await verdict

7 August 2003

The trial of the Colombia Three came to a close last week with the defence accusing the Colombian military and political establishment of using the three Irish citizens to secure more US military aid. The men's lawyers rubbished the case put forward by the prosecution and asked that the judge make his decision based purely on the evidence put in front of him. Free article

Belfast journalist rejects 'spy' claim

7 August 2003

The editor of North Belfast News, Seán Mag Uidhir, has rejected allegations by British agent known as Kevin Fulton who has claimed that Mag Uidhir acted as an informer. The republican former prisoner angrily dismissed Fulton's allegations as "complete rubbish" and said that his solicitor would be issuing writs against the Sunday tabloids that carried the claims. Free article


Adams death threat

7 August 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has pledged that a death threat from dissident republicans will not deter him from his work in the peace process. The West Belfast MP was not at home when members of the PSNI called on Friday 1 August, but the information was passed on to his wife. Speaking to An Phoblacht, Adams said that he had to take the threat seriously but that he would not be intimidated from representing those who elected him or the wider group of people who support the peace process. Free article

Joe Cahill: A lifetime in struggle

7 August 2003

Last week, An Phoblacht's JOANNE CORCORAN interviewed Joe Cahill, lifelong republican and honorary vice-president of Sinn Féin. In his sitting room, enjoying the warm hospitality of himself and his wife Annie - we were never short of tea and sandwiches - Joe told us about his life. Free article

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