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10 July 2003 Edition

Loyalist is bailed to attend the Twelfth

10 July 2003

Could it happen anywhere but the Six Counties? The fact that a man facing 64 serious charges, including murder, has been granted bail at all is amazing. The fact that those conditions were 'relaxed' to allow him to attend a Twelfth of July parade is utterly astonishing. Or it would be if anyone could be surprised at the crazy operation of the sectarian Orange state. Free article

Sectarian intimidation must be tackled

10 July 2003

It was revealed in a Housing Executive report on Saturday 5 July that almost 90 families have been intimidated from their homes in Antrim in the past year. Free article

Back to the future: Warders assault prisoners in Maghaberry

10 July 2003

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly has voiced his concern at reports that prisoners in Maghaberry Prison were assaulted by prison warders and forcibly washed when high powered hoses were turned on them. Free article

McGuinness warns British on elections

10 July 2003

Martin McGuinness told the British government this week that if its refusal to hold elections in the Six Counties continues beyond the first anniversary of the suspension of the Assembly in October, the Good Friday Agreement will be in "dire straits". Free article

Drumcree 2003

10 July 2003

The Orange Order's parade to Drumcree passed without incident last weekend but its ethos remains far from peaceful. The persistent refusal of Orangemen to extend even the minimum courtesy of speaking to residents of Garvaghy Road is indicative of the Orange Order's continuing hostility to the notion of accommodation and respect. Free article

Shoukri gets six years

10 July 2003

When he was arrested for possessing a gun during the recent loyalist feud, Andre Shoukri claimed the weapon was for his personal protection. Free article

Sinn Féin leaders' details found close to spypost

10 July 2003

Following the discovery of details on Sinn Féin Leaders, Martin McGuinness, Pat Doherty and Mitchel McLaughlin on a document found near a spypost in Derry, a Sinn Féin spokesperson has called for the removal of the spyposts on Derry Walls and Rosemount Barracks. Free article

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Provocative loyalist bonfire

10 July 2003

Tensions are high in the Short Strand area of Belfast in the run up to this year's Twelfth of July. Free article

Trimble rejects resignation call

10 July 2003

Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble has rejected calls for his resignation after only marginally defeating a vote of no confidence motion tabled by his own constituency association this week. Free article

Former RUC man charged over Hamill killing

10 July 2003

Former RUC member Robert Cecil Atkinson, his wife Eleanor Jean and Kenneth George Hanvey appeared at Craigavon Court on Thursday 3 July charged with perverting the course of justice into the investigation of the killing of Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill in April 1997. Free article

Is Blair serious about the Good Friday Agreement?

10 July 2003

The actions of the British government in the next few weeks will be carefully scrutinised throughout the island of Ireland as supporters of the Good Friday Agreement from both sides of the border assess just how serious the British Prime Minister is about ensuring its full implementation. Free article

PSNI trawling for information

10 July 2003

A 22-year-old man living in West Belfast has become the latest member of the nationalist community to be targeted by the PSNI to become an informer. Free article

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