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3 July 2003 Edition

Allow the truth to be told

3 July 2003

Michael Finucane, son of assassinated Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane, has challenged the British government to "reclaim its shattered reputation" after the European Court of Human Rights this week found Britain in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. Free article

A 'peaceful' march?

3 July 2003

A controversial Orange Order march eventually passed along the nationalist Springfield Road in West Belfast without serious incident this past Saturday. Free article

Trimble resurrects Drumcree card

3 July 2003

David Trimble has once again thrown his weight behind Portadown Orangemen. Free article

Stabbed within hours of Orange march

3 July 2003

A Catholic man was stabbed in the stomach by a loyalist bandsman only hours after a controversial Orange Order march. Free article


No Catholic about the place

3 July 2003

Unionist dominated Lisburn Borough Council has reverted to its old anti-Catholic agenda of sectarian exclusion Free article

Denial of democracy a "fundamental mistake"

3 July 2003

Tony Blair's decision to cancel elections in the Six Counties attracted stinging criticism last week at a meeting in London addressed by Alex Maskey. Free article

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