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19 June 2003 Edition

Colombia Three must come home

19 June 2003

Defence lawyers for the three Irishmen facing charges of training FARC guerillas in Colombia have successfully secured the closing of the case pending final arguments. The prosecution had wanted to drag proceedings out for as long as another year. Free article

Past and future collide

19 June 2003

The contrast couldn't have been more striking between the UUC meeting and Sinn Féin's launch of its education document, writes LAURA FRIEL. Free article

Court rules Army was wrong to take back McBride killers

19 June 2003

The British Army is under increasing pressure to dismiss two soldiers convicted of the murder of Belfast father-of-two Peter McBride. Free article

Dublin/Monaghan families welcome inquest and victims' fund

19 June 2003

Families of people killed in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings welcomed news last week that the inquest into the deaths is to be reopened. Free article


Drumcree Orangemen in media ploy

19 June 2003

Media reports have been designed to create some sort of positive PR spin for the Orange Order, according to the Garvaghy residents' spokesperson. Free article

McLaughlin - Politics must be seen to work

19 June 2003

Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin, said those who abandoned a bomb in Derry are opposed to the peace process. Free article

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