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12 June 2003 Edition

Disband the RIR

12 June 2003

This week, under pressure from the Ulster Unionist Party, British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon dismissed 'speculation' about the future of the RIR and claimed that no decision had been made to disband the regiment's home battalions Free article

Sinister break-in

12 June 2003

Covert British Intelligence operatives illegally entered the home of a leading member of Sinn Féin in Derry. Free article

Families appeal to UN for investigation

12 June 2003

A sejnior UN offial has been asked to visit the Six Counties on a preliminary fact-finding mission. Free article

Springfield residents to allow Orange march

12 June 2003

Nationalist residents have offered to allow Orangemen to walk along part of the Springfield Road in Belfast. Free article


Loyalists attack Monaghan GAA supporters

12 June 2003

Monaghan GAA supporters were attacked by loyalists as they were travelling by bus through the North. Free article

Built on sand - Exposing the case against the Colombia Three

12 June 2003

Next Monday, 16 June, the trial of three Irishmen held in Colombia and charged with aiding FARC guerillas resumes. Free article

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