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8 May 2003 Edition

IRA anger at abuse of trust

8 May 2003

The mostimportant thing to say today is that Mr Blair's decision to stop theelections is a serious mistake and a slap in the face to the GoodFriday Agreement. Free article

MI5 man accused of misleading Saville

8 May 2003

An MI5intelligence officer, identified only as 'Julian', was accused on Tuesday of deliberate misleading the Saville Inquiry. Free article

Rain no deterrent as hunger strikers are honoured

8 May 2003

Rain could notdampen the spirits of the many thousands who turned out for the annualHunger Strike commemoration in West Belfast this past Sunday, 4 May. Free article

UDA ceasefire! What ceasefire?

8 May 2003

The UDA ceasefire has once again been called into question after its members attacked the hideaway home of former UDA leader Johnny Adair's exiled wife Gina in Bolton, Greater Manchester on Wednesday 30 April. Free article


Unionist thugs target family of murdered teen

8 May 2003

Unionist paramilitaries have been targeting the family of murdered teenager Ciaran Cummings in Antrim. Free article

Second FRU agent named

8 May 2003

Details of another FRU agent working high in the ranks of the UDA began to emerge this week. According to Henry McDonald of the Observer, a UDA commander based in Lisburn, Ned Greer, was operating as an FRU agent at the same time as Brian Nelson. Free article

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