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14 November 2002 Edition

Labour pulls Costello from Colombia trip

14 November 2002

Bring Them Home Campaign spokesperson Caitríona Ruane says she is "surprised and disappointed" at the decision by the Parliamentary Labour Party not to allow their justice spokesperson, Joe Costello, to travel to Colombia as part of a cross-party delegation to observe the trial of the three Irishmen detained in Bogota Free article

A Sunday with the IRA

14 November 2002

The centrality of the IRA within the communities from which it emerged - and its existence as the undefeated people's army - was clear for anyone to see at two gatherings of republicans on Sunday last, 10 November. Free article

Stand by me

14 November 2002

Thirty minutes into a 90-minute video record of a summer of unionist violence and unionist complicity against the vulnerable nationalist enclave of Short Strand in East Belfast, the visual images of blast and pipe bombs raining down on the homes of Catholic families is accompanied by the popular song 'Stand by me'. Free article

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

14 November 2002

General Robert Ford concluded his evidence to the Saville inquiry on Tuesday this week after almost three weeks in the witness box. During that time his claims about what happened on Bloody Sunday have been comprehensively discredited by Arthur Harvey and Michael Mansfield, representing the families, and as a consequence the already glaring inconsistencies in the British Army's version of events have become ever more apparent. Free article


The first shoot-to-kill victims

14 November 2002

On the night of 11 November 1982, two young IRA volunteers, Eugene Toman and Sean Burns were sitting in another volunteer, Gervais McKerr's house in Lurgan, County Armagh, drinking tea, and waiting for a lift to a safe house. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, according to a girl in the McKerr house that night, with the lads joking as usual and enjoying the company. Within a few hours, the three volunteers would be dead, tirst victims of an horrific shoot-to-kill policy by the RUC. Free article

Schoolboy beaten in Antrm

14 November 2002

A 13-year-old schoolboy suffered head and face injuries after he was attacked by a ten strong gang of loyalists in Antrim. Free article

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