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24 October 2002 Edition

Urgent inclusive talks needed

24 October 2002

Speaking after his meeting with US Ambassador Richard Haass at the State Department in Washington on Tuesday, Martin McGuinness expressed the concern among republicans and nationalists at the suspension of the institutions by the British government. Free article

Catholic man fights for his life

24 October 2002

A 29-year-old Catholic man is fighting for his life after being attacked by two loyalists outside his Gardenmore flat in Larne on Tuesday night 22 October. Free article

Former Para's damning revelations

24 October 2002

Soldier 027, who began his evidence to the Saville inquiry last Wednesday, continued his account of Bloody Sunday this week. Free article

Census figures will show closing of gap

24 October 2002

Commenting on the census figures expected to be released in December, Sinn Féin national chair Mitchel McLaughlin predicts that they will confirm a further closing of the gap between republican/nationalists and the combined pro-Union population in the North. Free article


Dumping despoils beauty spot

24 October 2002

Sinn Féin members in Clogherhead are becoming increasing anxious about the illegal dumping problem at Baltray, Co Louth. Free article

Colombia Three trial adjourned

24 October 2002

The trial of Jim Monaghan, Martin McCauley and Niall Connolly has been adjourned until 2 December. Free article

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