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10 October 2002 Edition

Stormtroopers trample Agreement

10 October 2002

The British government is set to act outside the Good Friday Agreement by suspending the political institutions or expelling Sinn Féin from the Executive, as Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble has demanded. Free article

Democracy is the key Nice issue

10 October 2002

Democracy, trust, equality and neutrality are the key issues in the Nice Treaty campaign, according to Sinn Féin party president Gerry Adams. Highlighting the democracy crux, Adams said that "for Sinn Féin the key issue in this referendum is democracy. It is about the decision of the government to deliberately disregard the decision of the electorate and re-run the same referendum". Free article

North Belfast man escapes death in loyalist attack

10 October 2002

A Catholic man in his fifties who was attacked by loyalists on Monday night 7 October was on a life support machine in the Royal Victoria Hospital for 36 hours. Free article

Loyalist feud claims another life

10 October 2002

The spiralling loyalist feud that erupted with last month's killing of LVF drug dealer Stephen Warnock claimed its second life on Friday night 4 October. Free article


Fermanagh republican assaulted by RUC\PSNI

10 October 2002

An RUC/PSNI search squad brutally beat Fermanagh republican Kevin Lynch and his wife after they arrived at their home on Monday 7 October on the pretext of looking for an unpaid fine. Free article

Airport ordeal for Tyrone man

10 October 2002

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty says the weekend ordeal endured by Glenelly man Kevin Devine and a fellow businessman at the hands of Special Branch at Gatwick Airport is evidence, if evidence were needed, of the relentless attempts by securocrats to gather intelligence against the nationalist community. Free article

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