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29 August 2002 Edition

Tired unionist threat

29 August 2002

Reports of further UUP attempts to secure Sinn Féin's exclusion from the Six-County Executive amount to the "same old refrain" from unionism, and offer no alternative to the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Féin national chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin has said. Free article

Batasuna banned: 'Democracy', Spanish style

29 August 2002

In a move echoing Franco's dictatorship, Spain's right-wing ruling Popular Party has finally achieved its objective of banning pro-independence left-wing nationalist party Batasuna. Free article

False claims as Short Strand attacked again

29 August 2002

Short Strand Sinn Féin councillor Joe O'Donnell has dismissed claims by loyalist and unionist representatives that nationalists launched an acid bomb attack on the loyalist Cluan Place area on Tuesday night 27 August. Free article

Beyond the road map: Preparing for power

29 August 2002

Sinn Féin's Declan Kearney delivered the main address at the John Joe McGirl commemorative weekend earlier this month. In a thought-provoking contribution, he addressed the crucial issue of republican strategy for the achievement of a United Ireland. Free article


Officer said all Catholics should be shot

29 August 2002

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry has been asked to investigate claims that a British Army officer said in 1979 that all Catholics in the North of Ireland should be shot. Free article

Durkan urged to support return to Patten

29 August 2002

Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin this week welcomed Mark Durkan's call for an all-Ireland parliamentary forum and his commitment to human rights protection, but he also said that the SDLP stance on policing falls far short of its stated position on human rights. The party's national chairperson was commenting on remarks made by the SDLP leader at Beal na Bláth in Cork at the weekend. Free article

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