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18 April 2002 Edition

Horror in Jenin

18 April 2002

Speaking to An Phoblacht just minutes after witnessing the horrors inflicted by the Israeli Army on Jenin refugee camp in Palestine, Belfast-based Italian journalist Silvio Cerulli has called on the international community to stop the butchery of the Palestinian people by the Israeli Army and Ariel Sharon. Free article

Proud to be here

18 April 2002

Even Martin McGuinness, famously unfazeable, seemed almost overcome by the enormity of the occasion as he stood against the huge black and gold backdrop of the names of the Roll of Honour and surveyed the gathering of some 2,500 people in the grandeur of the banqueting hall of the City West hotel in Dublin on Saturday. "Were you ever proud to be a republican?" he asked - a question greeted by voluble affirmation. Free article

Sinn Féin contesting all of Dublin

18 April 2002

For the first time since the 1920s, Sinn Féin will be running candidates in every Dublin constituency. Last Thursday, the 12 candidates and party President Gerry Adams launched the party's Dublin election campaign and the Manifesto for Dublin, laying out the policies and proposals Sinn Féin's Dublin TDs will fight for in Leinster House. Free article

Two cover-ups underway

18 April 2002

Speaking at a press conference in Belfast on Tuesday, 16 April, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing, Gerry Kelly, said that "two cover-ups are now underway" after the raid on the Special Branch offices in Castlereagh. Free article


Roseanne Mallon Inquest hearing adjourned

18 April 2002

A preliminary inquest hearing into the death of County Tyrone pensioner Roseanne Mallon in 1994 was adjourned this week after it was discovered that evidence from British soldiers at the scene at the time of the shooting had not been provided to the court. Free article

UDA attacks continue

18 April 2002

A UDA gunman fired four shots from the Westland Estate in North Belfast at a group of terrified Catholic teenagers on the night of Saturday 6 April. A group of friends were standing at the top pond of the Waterworks when a gunman appeared out of the Westland Estate and fired indiscriminately at the group. Free article

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