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4 April 2002 Edition

Defend Palestine

4 April 2002

Ariel Sharon has defied the United Nations and any notion of common sense with his full scale military invasion of Palestinian territory, a move made in defiance of the United Nations and guaranteed to exacerbate an already critical situation in the Middle East. Free article

Easter commemorations

4 April 2002

Belfast's Easter Commemoration events began on Saturday evening in the Whitewell area of the city. Free article

Castlereagh arrests black propaganda

4 April 2002

Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin has said that RUC/PSNI attempts to implicate republicans in the Castlereagh break-in represent a return to "the worst of times" of the British intelligence services' dirty war. The seizure of property belonging to ex-prisoner support group Tar Abhaile and the counselling service Cunamh, as well as the arrest and interrogation of one of Tar Abhaile's workers was, he said, nothing more than a "fishing exercise". Free article

PSNI brutality caught on camera

4 April 2002

At a press conference on Tuesday 2 April, Sinn Féin showed the video recorded on Saturday containing footage of the RUC/PSNI assaults on the nationalist residents. Free article


Nationalists urged to resign from Police Board

4 April 2002

Derry Sinn Féin policing spokesperson, Councillor Paul Fleming, has called on all nationalist members of the Policing Board to resign or risk losing all respect within the nationalist community. Free article

Sectarian attacks intensify in North Belfast

4 April 2002

The sectarian violence in North Belfast over the last number of weeks intensified over the Easter weekend when on Saturday 30 March a group of around 50 loyalists invaded the beleaguered nationalist community of the New Lodge and attempted to erect loyalist flags along the nationalist end of North Queen Street. Free article

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