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28 March 2002 Edition

IRA : `Our work will continue until we have achieved a democratic socialist Republic'

28 March 2002

In its annual Easter message, the IRA has extended solidarity and greeting and declared that it will not be deflected from its objectives Free article

What needs to be done

28 March 2002

Last weekend, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams delivered a keynote address to an audience of party candidates, Ard Comhairle members and election workers at a pre-election rally in Dublin's Gresham Hotel. In a wide-ranging speech, he traced the party's progress over the last ten years and set out the radical manifesto for change that Sinn Féin is putting before voters in the 26 Counties. Free article

Loyalists provoke North Belfast riots

28 March 2002

The unrelenting loyalist violence aimed at nationalist homes throughout North Belfast continued throughout last weekend, with some of the heaviest rioting in the Limestone Road area. Free article

Portadown beating mirrors Hamill killing

28 March 2002

In an attack reminiscent of the killing of Robert Hamill, another Portadown Catholic is seriously injured after being beaten unconscious and repeatedly kicked in the head by a loyalist mob. Free article


An insider to probe an inside job

28 March 2002

John Reid's appointment of British spook John Chilcot to head the inquiry will ensure that the full facts behind the incident will never reach the light of independent public scrutiny Free article

UN special rapporteur backs collusion families

28 March 2002

United Nations special rapporteur Param Cumaraswamy has criticised plans by the British government to appoint an international judge to investigate the killings of the solicitors Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson. Free article

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