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7 March 2002 Edition

Hamill cover-up exposed

7 March 2002

New evidence emerged this week in relation to the sectarian killing of Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill. Free article

Belfast homes attacked

7 March 2002

The bomb attack on the home of a Catholic family in the Newington area of North Belfast last Wednesday night, 27 February, came within days of a high profile meeting between British Tory MP Quentin Davies and the newly formed Loyalist Commission. Free article

"Educate that you may be free"

7 March 2002

Sinn Féin Education minister Martin McGuinness was the guest of honour at a Sinn Féin members' conference in Dublin on Saturday to launch a consultation document, the first ever comprehensive Sinn Féin policy on education, titled 'Educate that you may be free'. Free article

Ballymurphy victim laid to rest

7 March 2002

Up to 2,000 people attended the funeral on Tuesday of 15-year-old Debbie McComb, the young Ballymurphy girl mown down by death riders on the Springfield Road near its junction with the Whiterock Road on Friday night, 1 March. Free article


Leave granted for DPP challenge

7 March 2002

The family of a Derry teenager shot dead by British troops in 1972 was granted leave in the High Court in Belfast on Wednesday to judicially review the decision not to prosecute the soldiers involved Free article

Cowen sends ambassador to Colombia amid poison fears

7 March 2002

Lawyers for the three Irishmen facing charges in Colombia have requested the International Red Cross to carry out independent blood tests on the men because of fears of poison in their food. Free article

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