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28 February 2002 Edition

Vote No

28 February 2002

With less than a week to polling, the electorate is as confused as ever about the government's referendum. The fault lies with those who drafted this unwieldy proposal and the politicians who rushed it all through without proper time for debate. Free article

British neo-Nazis in North Belfast

28 February 2002

A group of visiting British fascists were part of a loyalist mob involved in attacks on Catholic homes in North Belfast last week. Free article

Build our All-Ireland Strategy

28 February 2002

"Irish unity is no longer a vision. It's within our grasp to bring Irish unity into reality. But we need space to get a common rooted ideology. We need space to strategise, to think of how our activity can fit into an all Ireland framework, to create the kind of Ireland we want to see." Free article

British Army plastic bullet use targeted

28 February 2002

The United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets, Relatives for Justice and the Pat Finucane Centre have called on the Policing Board, ultimately accountable for all plastic bullets fired by the RUC/PSNI, to take their responsibilities seriously and demand the same control over plastic bullets fired by the British Army in so-called policing situations. Free article


Increased patrols and harassment

28 February 2002

Sinn Féin Assembly member for Newry/Armagh, Conor Murphy, has received numerous complaints about the increased level of British Army and PSNI activity in the South Armagh area. Free article

Former prisoner refused compensation

28 February 2002

Former republican prisoner Nick Mullen has been refused compensation in the High Court in London for the ten years he spent in custody. Mullen was released three years ago after it was proven that he had been illegally deported from Zimbabwe at the request of MI6. The Court of Appeal ruled that there had been a "blatant and extremely serious failure to adhere to the rule of law" by those responsible for bringing him to court. Free article

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