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13 December 2001 Edition

Stobie shot dead

13 December 2001

For many the hand of the British secret services is plain to be seen in the summary execution in Belfast this week of former RUC Special Branch agent and UDA quartermaster William Stobie Free article

RUC provoke violence in Armagh

13 December 2001

The RUC/PSNI were guilty of serious human rights violations against young people returning from last Sunday's demilitarisation protests in South Armagh. Free article

Mother of two in bullet threat

13 December 2001

A young mother of two, from the Short Strand area of East Belfast, is living in fear after she received a bullet and a threatening letter in the post. Free article

Death of refugees

13 December 2001

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin described the death of eight refugees, in a freight container in Wexford, last weekend, as an "international scandal" and has called for action from the Dublin government and the EU. Free article


RUC/PSNI harassment in mid-Ulster

13 December 2001

Sinn Féin's mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness has heavily criticised the RUC/PSNI, who he accused this week of waging a campaign of harassment against Sinn Féin members in mid-Ulster. Free article

Rights Proposal threatens Agreement

13 December 2001

Is Brice Dickson undermining the Good Friday Agreement? That's the question Irish Republicans and northern nationalists will be asking themselves after scrutinising proposals for the Bill of Rights by the Human Rights Commission. Free article

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