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29 November 2001 Edition

Labour's bin charges betrayal

29 November 2001

Dubliners again face the apalling double taxation of bin charges, and they have the Labour Party to thank for it Free article

UDP disbands

29 November 2001

The Ulster Democratic Party has finally given up the ghost. On Wednesday in a short statement the party announced that it was disbanding Free article

Inquiry call as Finucane trial collapses

29 November 2001

The trial of William Stobie finally collapsed this week, taking with it any last vestige of credibility attached to the Stevens investigation. Over a decade of investigations, including three separate inquiries conducted by British police chief John Stevens, now head of the London Metropolitan Police, amounted to nothing this week as the case against the only person ever charged with the Finucane murder ended in farce. Free article

Holy Cross blockade suspended

29 November 2001

This week's suspension of the Glenbryn blockade of Holy Cross Primary School left parents and pupils hopeful that the appalling scenes of loyalist hatred and violence against Catholic children and their parents walking to and from school are a thing of the past. Free article


Collusion link to journalist's killing

29 November 2001

Journalist Martin O'Hagan was set to expose an RUC Special Branch officer's collusion with a notorious loyalist killer when he was shot dead in Lurgan in September. Free article

McGuinness to raise injuries with Reid

29 November 2001

Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness has said that he intends to raise the case of one of his constituents, Conal Casey, with the British Secretary of State, John Reid. Casey was seriously injured during his arrest by the RUC/PSNI in County Armagh last week. Free article

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