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25 October 2001 Edition

Seize the Time

25 October 2001

The IRA this week made a courageous and momentous move "to save the peace process and to persuade others of our genuine intentions" by putting arms beyond use. Free article

Loyalist Pogrom in North Belfast

25 October 2001

The first pipe bomb thrown over the rooftop hit eleven-year-old Neidin on the chest before exploding at her feet. Standing with Neidin was eight-year-old Sinead. Just a moment earlier the two friends had been enjoying playing ball outside their homes and under the supervision of Sinead's father. Free article

Latest UDA Holy Cross death threat

25 October 2001

Using the cover name of the Red hand Defenders, the UDA this week extended its death threat to include more pupils and parents of Holy Cross Primary School. Free article

Colombian authorities obstruct defence

25 October 2001

I should be in Colombia now - I had my tickets bought, my bags packed, my transport arrangements made to get to the airport in Dublin, a very kind sister booked for the week to mind my children, but I am still in Ireland. Why? Because the Colombian Authorities would not let our legal team in Ireland, Dan Connolly and myself into San Vicente De Caguan, the zone the three men were coming from when they were arrested at Bogota airport on 11 August 2001. Free article


Decision of the people on Nice must be implemented

25 October 2001

Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin addressed the opening of the Forum for Europe in Dublin Castle last Thursday, 18 October. Also on the Sinn Féin delegation were Aengus Ó Snodaigh (Dublin South Central) who will be the party's full-time representative to the Forum, Councillor Seán Crowe (Dublin South West), Assembly member Barry McElduff (West Tyrone) and Anne Speed, representing Sinn Féin on the Forum steering committee. The following is an edited version of McLaughlin's opening remarks on behalf of Sinn Féin: Free article

Derryhirk payout

25 October 2001

Sinn Féin Assembly member Dara O'Hagan said the massive payments made this week to customers of the Derryhirk Inn in relation to an RUC attack on the bar in 1997 proves that the decision not to prosecute or discipline those RUC officers involved is a ridiculous outcome. Free article

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